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May 29, 2007
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-Bubbles And Ribbon- by IAshPawI -Bubbles And Ribbon- by IAshPawI
I stayed up until about 3 trying to get this finished. I don't know why but the urge to use prisma markers was stronger than usual last night and I guess I kinda gave in X3
It's been so long since I've colored stuff with my markers and gwah do I miss it.
This particular drawing could be better, I could go back later and make the colors a little more bolder as well as the lines, but I think I might just leave this for now.
I don't know why it's so gruesome...
Just luff eet because tis colorful :3

On a side note;
no I did not use ref for this, I know some things are off. this was just drawn off the top of my head really
yes this is edited in photoshop a bit, the colors in rl are a little duller and I made the black lines a bit thicker
yes I have a secret obsession with dreads...XD

Art (C) Megs
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JessicaMDouglas Aug 16, 2007  Professional General Artist
Really facinating. I must say, you have a rather lyrical quality to your compositions. Beautiful work.
Very surreal, I love it. The colors are fabulous, but I think what I like most about this image is the concept... ribbons and bubbles. They are both neat things, but you never think about them -together-. I can see a story in this picture; you've provided a girl with a ribbon coming out of her mouth, and you've provided something of a setting... bubbles. So it is presumably taking place in a bathtub or something like that. It's the sort of picture that makes one think. :)
oh wow! I love this!

So much detail! Awesome use of colors and objects! Great shading too!

pretty dayum awesome <333
Pretty... XD my mom wants me to get dreads.... so does my hairdresser... they say my hair is perfect for it... I dont think so ;p
blargh, but dreads insanely ruin your hair.
not to mention, the dreaded dread question, how the fuck do you wash your hair and get it at least semi clean?! XD
I wanna get dreads, but I like my hair too much...also I'd be afraid to find out what I smell like come the summer time...
you'd look funky with dreads though :3
haha ... well there are supposedly special dreads that start out as braids... that you can undo sumwhat.... and those you can wash easier than others... but they arent quiet true dreads .... in other words they arent quiet matts lol....
I really like her hair.
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